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Upcoming Performances



Dec 6,7,8:     TARAKUCHA! MARILAH MENARI! The terrer menerrer Big Band returns BIGGER and BETTER with Sean Ghazi & Ida Mariana and the Kuchettes Maya Tan ,Ruzana Ibrahim & Izlyn Ramli, this time with 12 musicians (!) led by Nish Tham - at the slick space The Platform, KEN TTDI.

Sep 29:         Private party performance at Istana Laguna Biru, Teluk Kemang, PD with Mazlina & The Playerz (Afiq, Amar & AKZ) ft Hady Afro.

Aug 4:           Private party performance at Bobo KL with Mazlina & The Playerz (Afiq, Amar & AKZ) ft Hady Afro.

Jul 28:           Izlyn joins the Hady Afro Band for a Brazilian Evening at No Black Tie 28 July 2018; with Hady Afro (guitar), Amar Azalan (double bass), Bob Skunjas (drums) and Tengku Indra As Syafiee (piano).

Jul 14:           TARAKUCHA! APA KHABAR SINGAPURA?! Starring Sean Ghazi & Ida Mariana with the Kuchettes Maya Tan ,Ruzana Ibrahim & Izlyn Ramli and our 10 piece terrer menerrer Big Band led by Nish Tham - making their Singapore Esplanade debut at the Annexe Studio as part of the Esplanade Pesta Raya – Malay Festival of Arts 2018.

May 8:           Private party performance at Cicchetti di Zenzero with Mazlina & The Playerz (Afiq, Amar & AKZ) ft Hady Afro.

Apr 6:            Izlyn's two worlds of corporate and performance came together when Telekom Malaysia’s (TM) launched its own version of the "Hebat Negaraku ~ Inspirasiku" (My Great Country, My Inspiration) song and video, taking the opportunity to reflect the values that drive TM’s vision in making the lives of Malaysians easier. The song was a special collaboration with her fellow Tarakucha band mates; all homegrown world class talents - Hady Afro, who rearranged the song for TM - as well as Amar Azalan, Muhammad Abdul Karim Zarifuddin (AKZ) and Uda Wahid.

Mar 9-10:     Izlyn is back at Bobo KL with her 3rd solo show entitled ~ AcoustIZ with the amazing fingerstyle guitarist Hady Afro, Amar Azalan on double bass and AKZ on percussions.


Sep 6-9:        Gelora – The Tarakucha Big Band Extravaganza! GELORA marks the debut of TARAKUCHA The Big Band Extravaganza at Mid Valley City’s The Gardens Theatre as part of this year’s Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival, DiverseCity 2017. Sean Ghazi has created the stylo-mylo, high-octane big band act TARAKUCHA – a 10-piece ensemble with Musical Director Nish Tham and featuring the all singing, all dancing Ida Mariana, Izlyn Ramli, Maya Tan, Ruzana Ibrahim, Sabrina Hassan and Suhaili Micheline.

Apr 21-22:    Izlyn returns with her 2nd solo show at Bobo KL entitled ~ IZ About Time with the incredible Nish Tham and fellow musos Amar Azalan, AKZ and Jae Sern Lim


Dec 29-31:      Tarakucha! The Terrer Menerrer Year End Big Band Sh’bang: Featuring Sean Ghazi & Ida Mariana with Izlyn Ramli and Maya Tan

Dec 23-24:      Special Christmas Charity Concert with Jae Sern Lim & Friends.

Dec 11:           Joins in Bobo KL's Amazing 1 Year Anniversary Celebration with a host of local vocalists and musicians!!!

Nov 17:           Izlyn's London "come back" at a One Embankment private party, decades after her China White debut.

Oct 29:         As part of The Ab Fab 10, Izlyn organised "The Free Your Mind: Glam and Sass of The Nineties" Charity Party at Marble 8 and performed the En Vogue classic together with her gals!

Oct 5:              Some would say opened for Izlyn's "impromptu" dance floor USA debut performance at the Manchester United Partner Conference Gala Dinner at The Four Seasons, Beverly Hills : p

Sep 24:           Izlyn and Sean Ghazi together with the Tarakucha band performs a special show for her parents Tan Sri Mohd Ramli Kushairi and Puan Sri Maznah Abdul Rahman's 50th Golden Anniversary at The Royale Chulan, KL.

May 13:           Sang Perjalanan Masih Jauh (Izlyn's BM translation to Go The Distance) at TM Champions of Convergence night, Stadium Malawati with the MMU Choir.

May 9:         Izlyn performs in honour of her father's 80th birthday blessing.

May 6-7:         Izlyn guest stars together with Sean Ghazi once again at Bobo KL, this time with the incredible Pantun Trio - comprising Jae Sern Lim, Shuenda and Florian in the inaugural classical concert at Bobo!

Mar 18-19:      Izlyn performs her 1st solo show at Bobo KL entitled ~ Songs I Sing In My Car with Nish Tham on the Bobo Grand and AKZ on Latin Percussion, with special guest star, Sean Ghazi!

Mar 12:         Izlyn makes her debut at Bobo KL as a special guest together with Sean Ghazi for the mesmerising Hady Afro & Friends performance.


Oct 5:           Izlyn is reunited with Sean Ghazi to perform at The Oak Room, Nexus, Bangsar South for a one-night only showcase.

May-Aug:           Izlyn's dichotomous worlds of corporate and creative collided in serendipity; when together with key collaborators, they dreamt up the unique and pioneering concept of staging a corporate internal messaging platform as a full blown musical - celebrating the journey of an institution towards its aspiration, fronted by a love story, with songs and lyrics meaningful to the united workforce as its soundtrack - in "TM The Musical - A Story of Convergence". This was a ground-breaking internal communications/employee engagement and brand profiling platform - 100 days from concept to the first show - to make TM and Malaysian history as the 1st GLC/Corporate to tell its story as a full fledged professionally staged musical. The overwhelming response culminated in TM taking the musical to Istana Budaya, Malaysia's National Theatre for 5 shows 14-16 August 2015; the Merdeka edition, to a total audience of 8,000 TM employees and key stakeholders. Of course, Izlyn has a cameo performance!


May 30:           Izlyn contributes a performance at The Melium Group & Malaysia Tatler 25th Anniversary Charity Auction, Mandarin Oriental


Dec 14:         Private performance Shanghai Jazz Casino Show for Maju Junction at SLR Eagle Ballroom

Apr 21:          Izlyn and Friends Perform at Nefo Fico, Damansara

Mar 24:         Special Performance on the occasion of baby brother's wedding at Shangri-La

Mar 9:           Private Party Performance of "80s/Party Hits" at Hakka Republic, Menara Hap Seng

Jan 21:         Private Party Performance of "Teenage Dream/Boy & Girl Bands/80s Music Extravaganza" at Cyber View Lodge, Cyberjaya


Dec 8:           "UnReserved" Redberry Group Anniversary Party Performance of "70s/Dance Music" at Sultan Lounge, Mandarin Oriental

Oct 7-8:          Mezze Lounge with the Michael Veerapen Trio

May 6:             Special Surprise Guest Artist for TM's HyppTV Media and Bloggers Party at Neo

May 4:             A return to Mezze Lounge with the Michael Veerapen Trio as part of the May Mini Music Fest

Apr 2:              Izlyn closes the Muzik Ku Muzik Mu series for Women: 100 at the Celebrities Club

Mar 11-12:      Izlyn sings with Michael Veerapen Trio featuring Julian Chan at the Mezze Lounge


Mar 15-16:           Izlyn is THRILLED that Pink Martini sang her Malay lyrics "Ku Impikan Bintang" to their "Let's Never Stop Falling In                               Love" and Malay chorus translation to "Anna" plus silly Malay scripts for their 2 night show at the MPO!!!!

Apr 9-11:           AFTER A LONG HIATUS, Izlyn returns to the small stage as part of an ensemble crew with Torch Song Massacre: Bad                               Romance Edition at The Annexe, Central Market


Izlyn Ramli makes her stage musical debut in "P Ramlee - the Musical (PRTM)" at Istana Budaya, KL from Oct 18 - Nov 3 and is once again Lyrics and Book Translator


Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) 2006 - April 28th 2007 at PWTC

Sean Ghazi's debut album "Semalam" leading the nominations with 8 in 5 categories

Results Are In!!! - SEMALAM wins TWO AIM AWARDS

- Sean Ghazi for "Best New Artiste" and Semalam (Vivian Chua) for " Best Musical Arrangement in a Song"!!! We DID it!!!

Apr 21:           Izlyn to co-host TM Group Awards Nite 2006 at the prestigious Plenary Hall, Putrajaya International Convention Centre                         (PICC).

                        This event was telecast live to over 34,000 TM Group staff nationwide and regionally in 10 countries!

Apr 28:          Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) 2006 - Sean Ghazi's debut album "Semalam" leading the nominations with 8                                            nominations in 5 categories


                      Results - SEMALAM wins TWO AIM AWARDS - Sean Ghazi for "Best New Artiste" and Semalam (Vivian Chua) for " Best                          Musical Arrangement"!!!

May 6:            Izlyn to co-present the Music Awards category with Jit Murad at the 5th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2006 at the                                   Mandarin oriental

May 30:          Izlyn's solo debut at "No Black Tie" performing "One Night Only - Muzikal"

June 26 - July 8:        Starmaker Musical Theatre Bootcamp!!!

July - Oct:      Rehearsals for "P Ramlee" the Musical

Sept 19:         Special appearance as one of the "Seanettes" with Sean Ghazi for the launch of Pavillion Centre

Oct 18 - Nov 3:        Izlyn as one of the Bunga Madus (together with Maya Abdullah and Ida Mariana) in Enfiniti Productions' new                                           musical "P Ramlee - The Life, The Love and The Inspiration" starring Sean Ghazi, Liza Hanim, Melissa Saila, Atilia                                     and featuring Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, to be staged at Istana Budaya


                                 Izlyn is also once again the Official Lyrics and Book Translator for this production featuring songs by Dick Lee and                                   Adlin Aman Ramlie as well as P Ramlee originals

Nov 4:            Sean Ghazi and Izlyn Ramli sing for Voices for Hospices 2007 - a worldwide simultaneous music event at JW Marriott

Nov 16:          Special appearance as one of the "Seanettes" with Sean Ghazi for PWc Annual Dinner - for me it was a reunion of old                             colleagues and friends

Nov 18:          Sean Ghazi sings with the Spanish Cadaques Orchestra for the Toyota Classics, featuring the first time "Semalam", our                           song as arranged by Vivian Chua, played by a live full orchestra - a proud moment indeed. Actually... "Semalam" had its                         orchestrarial debut in Brunei on Nov 9 for the same series of events!!!



Official Launch of Sean Ghazi's solo debut album - SEMALAM - in which Izlyn Ramli is creative collabator in music, lyrics and creative concept...


Izlyn is officially Lyrics Translator in the staging of the historic and epic "Puteri Gunung Ledang" the Musical at the Istana Budaya, KL and the Esplanade Theatre, Singapore


For the second year running, Izlyn co-hosted, this time together with Shanon Shah, the 4th Boh Cameronian Malaysian Arts Awards 2005, Mandarin Oriental, Friday, May 5 2006


Jan 14:          Wedding party for Sascha and Laiqa Khan


Feb 14:          Special guest artist at Sean Ghazi's Private Showcase at No Black Tie


Mar 8:            Izlyn at NiNe One Bangsar Piano Bar: Songs Served Chilled...


Mar 3, 29 & Apr 15:            Izlyn storms through Telekom Malaysia TM Star Search - watch out for the FINALS April 15th PWTC!!!


Apr 15:          Izlyn honoured as First Runner Up in inaugural TM Star 2005 at PWTC in front of 5,000 strong TM Staff with live online                          coverage to TM Group of Companies nationwide and in the region!!!

                      Check for more details.


                      To watch the winning performance of New York, New York translated to Bahasa Malaysia go to                                                         and click on Recording of Event. Go to time point 2:29:10 for the                                sizzling Big Band performance!


May 5:           For the 2nd year running, Izlyn co-hosts the Boh Cameronian Theatre Awards 2005 together with Shanon Shah at the                            Mandarin Oriental


May 12:         Impromptu performance with Eye2Eye at the Top Room Jazz Club, with Junji Gomes and Mia Palencia


May 26:         Izlyn performs at Telekom Malaysia's iTalk Mobile launch at Bintang Walk


June 17 & 25:         Izlyn's special performances for Aida and Adam Rutland's wedding, with fan-inspired "World debut" of Izlyn's                                        English translation of PGL's Di Puncak Tertinggi


June 23:        Unilever Malaysia Appreciation Night at Bankers' Club


June 29:        Charity performance alongside Ferhad, Nora, Donne Ray Radford, Camelia, Ida Nerina and Yasmin Yusuff for a Shelter                            for Street Children at W, Wine Room, Heritage Row.


July 1:            Impromptu performance at Mezzo Notte with Greg Lyons and Maria Angela


Aug 6-21:      Izlyn is officially Lyrics Translator in the 2nd staging of the historic and epic "Puteri Gunung Ledang" the Musical                                    ( at Istana Budaya, KL


Sep 15&16:   Presenting "Jazz Iz" with Izlyn and Friends (Clement of piano, AJ on bass and Charles on drums) at Top Room - the jazz                        venue at Top Hat restaurant, Jln Kia Peng


Nov 9:            Charity performance for Pure Pink Breast Cancer Progamme at Mezquite, Heritage Row


Nov 19:          Private party performance of "70s/ The Days of Scandal Music" at Carcosa Seri Negara


Nov 20:          OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Sean Ghazi's solo debut album - SEMALAM - in which Izlyn Ramli is collaborator in music, lyrics                             and concept!!! Visit and get a copy now!!!


                       Charity performance for Rising Above Campaign in aid of childrens' causes at Bangsar Shopping Centre together with                              the premiere of the movie, Red Kebaya


Nov 24-26:    Izlyn goes regional!!! Lyrics Translator in the 3rd staging of "Puteri Gunung Ledang" the Musical at the Esplanade                           Theatre, Singapore


"I Have Dreamed" (presented by Baby Grand Productions) garnered TWO AWARDS at the 3rd Boh Cameronian Malaysian Arts Awards 2004, Friday, April 22 2005 : "Best Production Values" and "Kakiseni Audience Choice Awards - Music"




Izlyn Ramli was Nominated for "Best Solo Performance - Voice" for "I Have Dreamed"

Together with the effervescent Jit Murad, Izlyn performed the Opening Act, a tango "Will You Be Mine Tonight", composed especially for the Awards by 2002's "Most Promising Artist" Shanon Shah and co-hosted the evening's glitterama....


Jan 7:             KN Kenanga Annual Dinner at Kenanga International


Jan 17-18:     Sean Ghazi and Izlyn Ramli duet for Konsert Kasih in aid of the National Tsunami Relief Fund at Istana Budaya;                                       together with nearly 100 artistes; singers, musicians and writers.


Feb 2:             Nokia "A Touch of Jazz" soiree at the Sheraton Imperial with Sean Ghazi


Feb 19:           1919 Piano Bar and Bistro - "Wild and Wicked" Cabaret Themed Evening with Izlyn Ramli


Mar 3:             Nominations Announcement for the 3rd Boh Cameronian Malaysian Theatre Arts Awards 2004: Izlyn Ramli nominated                            for Music: Best Solo Performance - Voice for her part in "I Have Dreamed" (presented by Baby Grand Productions,                                  musical direction by Adam Farouk). Awards Nite April 22 2005 at the Mandarin Oriental, where Izlyn will also be co-                              host for the evening with Jit Murad.


Mar 18:           Friday Nite Jazz Performance with Black Machine at Avanti Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel


Apr 2:              Impromptu appearance at the Jazz Cafe in Ubud, Bali and rocked the house!!!


Apr 15:            Kakiseni and Peter Hoe Party for the Arts Awards Nominees at Beyond - Pink Mischief: Debut Performance of "Syoknya                          Jazz" (Malay version of "All That Jazz", translated by Izlyn)


Apr 16:            Facilitator for "Equinox - Adam Farouk and The Breakers Kuala Lumpur Tour" Master Class at the Securities'                                            Commission Auditorium


Apr 22:            3rd Boh Cameronian Malaysian Theatre Arts Awards 2004 at Mandarin Oriental: Co-Host, Opening Act and Nominee!!!                            "I Have Dreamed" garnered 2 awards: "Best Production Values" and the "Kakiseni Audience Choice Awards - Music"!!!                           YAY!!!


Apr 27:            Frost & Sullivan Inaugural Malaysian Telecoms Industry Awards at the Sheraton Imperial: A Jazz and Broadway                                      Showcase


May 13:           Impromptu performance at "W" - The Wine Bar (Heritage Row)


June 1:            Impromptu performance at The Backyard Pub with Amir Yussof


June 18:          Promo performance at "W" - Wine Room Anniversary Party for June 19 Performance with Adam Farouk


June 19:          Adam Farouk and Izlyn Ramli - "For Good": Back together for a one night performance of chill acoustic musical                                        musings at "W" - Wine Room


June 21:          Charity performance for MAKNA National Cancer Society's gala night of "From India With Love" at the Actors' Studio                              Bangsar


June 24/25:    Impromptu performances at The Cotton Club Jazzaurant soft opening weekend with special guest appearance by                                    Adam Farouk


July 27:           MC and singer for Berjaya's Tribute to Che Det (Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad)'s 80th Birthday at Berjaya Times Square                              Hotel


Aug 20:            Private Performance at the Cotton Club: Tan Sri Abu Sahid Mohamed's (Maju Holdings) Birthday Celebration


Sep 18:            Charity Performance at Bangsar Shopping Centre in aid of "Yellow Week" - National Cancer Awareness Program


Feb 13:          Peter Hoe's "An Evening of Entertainment" at Beyond: With Sean Ghazi and Adam Farouk

Mar 5:            Cameronian Arts 2003 Awards Night : In Saidah Rastam's Perasan" as "Egoista Diva" with Zahim Albakri, Chacko                                   Vadaketh and Joanna Bessey

Mar 13:          Johor Arts Festival - Big Band Jazz: With the David Gomes Jazz Band; Junji Delfino and Salamiah Hassan

Apr 11:           Appearance in a Benefit Concert for Jairus Anthony at The Actors Studio Bangsar.

Apr 24:           Alexis Bistro and Bar (Great Eastern Mall) with the David Gomes Jazz Trio

May 6-9:        "I Have Dreamed" - An Evening with Sean Ghazi with special guests Aura Deva, Izlyn Ramli and Adam Farouk at The                                Actors Studio Bangsar

June 20:         Special appearance at Kit Kat Piano Lounge for celebrity charity night "Sunday Night Live" hosted by Tom Abang Saufi

July 2-3:         "The Story Hour" - An evening of story songs with Adam Farouk and Izlyn Ramli at Alexis Ampang (GEM)

July 29:            Launch of 1919 Bistro's "Piano Bar" with Llewellyn Marsh

Aug 13&28:     Torch Songs Trilogy and Classy Cabaret at 1919's Piano Bar

Sept 16:           CIMB's 30th Anniversary - "The Way You Look Tonight"

Sept 21-26:    Back by popular demand!!! "I Have Dreamed" - An Evening with Sean Ghazi with special guests Aura Deva, Izlyn Ramli                         and Adam Farouk at The Actors Studio Bangsar

Oct 5:             YTL - Starhill Re-launch at the Ritz Carlton Residences: Cabaret performance together with Sharizan Borhan

Oct 12:           Guest appearance at Bar Blonde's Tuesday Nite "Blonde Idol" with Melissa Indot

Dec 18:           Xmas Cabaret at 1919's Piano Bar

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